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Re: The SIms 4 3D

by rumbutter

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The SIms 4 3D

★ Novice

i cant turn it off! i can only choose from Low to High. and theres barely a difference. i just dont want the red and blue outlines. its terribly annoying. some one help!!!!

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Re: The SIms 4 3D

Hero (Retired)

whats your card? Nvidea? AMD ? you need to go to your card control panel and turn of 3D




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Re: The SIms 4 3D

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im sorry but what do you mean by "my card"?

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Re: The SIms 4 3D

Hero (Retired)

your video card a.k.a. graphics card is that a Nvidea or AMD/ATI



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Re: The SIms 4 3D

★ Novice

im on a windows 8 and i cant figure out how to check. (sorry about the late reply. something came up)

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Re: The SIms 4 3D

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Hero (Retired)

np life keeps us busy at times Standard smile


to find your card to see what one you have


Step 1: right-click on thedesktop and select screen resolution or navigate to Control panel -> Display->Change Display Settings


Step 2: from there click to advanced setting the information of the graphics card will be shown in a new window


this way we can find out what your card is then take it from there


see image for example of card info



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Re: The SIms 4 3D

★ Novice

ok its a NVidea GeForce GT 640.

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Re: The SIms 4 3D

Hero (Retired)



use the search to bring up the Nvidea control panel or right click your monitor screen to see if the Nvidea control panel shows up there  or if you have it's icon in the task bar ( whichever is faster to bring up the control panle for Nvidea)

go to the Nvidea control panel make sure the 3d is turned off that the box is unchecked and stays unchecked or

stereoscopic 3D off  or disable then to make sure the settings take palce and stays restart the computer

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