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Re: The CC in my game isn't showing up...

by emily_ferguson9

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The CC in my game isn't showing up...

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I am aware that others have made similar threads but I haven't found the solution the problem yet...

all my CC was working fine yesterday and now, it's not. I did not download anything new. I repaired my game. Made sure my game was up to date. Made sure my file were all going to the right place. Took out all the mods in my game to see what was going on. Nothing, I haven't uninstalled and restalled yet becuase I find that that always does nothing and just makes me loose stuff instead. 


Only two things that I did that might have played a part is that orgins update(the site not sims4) broke my cc somehow, Or that a complicated build I put in is messing with something? I just don't know why it's happening.


Oh I also made sure my mods were enabled. 


I really want to play my game but all my sims use CC and so they are all currently bare.


I fear it might be a script thing..... please help me.

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Re: The CC in my game isn't showing up...

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If you have onedrive enabled the game may have chosen to use that after an update. 

Here is an easy way to find out which folder your game is using:

Check that the Mods folder there contains your Mods & CC.

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Re: The CC in my game isn't showing up...

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That turned out not to be the problem. I guess all my save files are now corrupted and I can't use any of them. All new files work. Thanks for the reply though!
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