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Teen Sims - No More Romantic Options

by SamanthieRosi

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Teen Sims - No More Romantic Options

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I don't know what happened, I opened the game and went to get two sims to ask each other out and they won't. Before anyone says they aged, they couldn't have. They are both MY sims in my household. They aren't related either (that would be weird).


They can talk and do all the things they otherwise could, but even though the relationship bar is full when I go to the 'Romantic' section the only option is to give them flowers. 


I saved the household and tried moving them into a different house in a different town and tried again,  still nothing. 


I do use mods. But most of the ones I had are old and haven't affected this aspect before. The three new ones I got MoreTraits, VampireAttack and Scolding don't seem like they would affect this either.


So...what's the deal? How do I fix this?

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Re: Teen Sims - No More Romantic Options

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we're not allowed to talk about mods here as they are neither endorsed or supported by EA and are an at your own risk


if you use mods especially ones that are teen/relationship based you need to update your mods to your patch version if your for example mod is at 1.58 and the patch version your on is 1.63 or the latest 1.67 the mods need to be updated to that patch level also if a mod is removed/deleted or added you need to clear the cache each time  a mod removed/deleted or added


to delete the cache files go to electronic arts/the sims 3/



it's safe to delete these files as a new ones will regenerate



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Re: Teen Sims - No More Romantic Options

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Can't say I solved this, but it solved itself. I just deleted the save file and started a new one with new Sims and the new save file didn't have the same issue. 

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