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Re: Taking Screenshots

by rumbutter

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Taking Screenshots

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I'm sorry if this has been posted before as I can't seem to find it. How do I take snapshots/screenshots of the demo and which folder will it be in?



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Re: Taking Screenshots

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the options to take screenshots is not enabled yet a.f.a.i.k

in the demo go to the three dots -options put the demo into windowed mode then hit the printscreen button on the keyboard open the paint program then ctrl+v to paste the printcreen into the paint program then save your image or if you have snipping tool if you have win 7 or 8 you can use the snipping tool open snipping tool then drag your cursor over the area to snip the image you want to capture lift your finger of the mouse then the image will pop open save it

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Re: Taking Screenshots

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I have been using the Print Screen tool and pasting it on Paint to get all the screenshots so far. Thanks for the info! I guess I'll have to wait until the day comes. =)

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Re: Taking Screenshots

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welcomes Standard smile i guess we're all waiting for the feature to be enabled   =)

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Re: Taking Screenshots

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You could use Fraps.

 That's what I use.



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Re: Taking Screenshots


Yeah, but make sure to start fraps frist and then the demo or the demo will crash.

Happy Gaming


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