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TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery

by CorruptDiamond

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TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery

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Hello, I know threads similar to this may already exist, but I'm hoping to get some assistance with this issue since prior suggestions have not helped.


Any third-party Lot that I download from TSR and put into the game never shows up in my Gallery.


1. I have checked the CC box in the Advanced tab.

2. I have checked to make sure the appropriate number of Tray items for the Lot are in the Tray folder, and are NOT in a sub-folder.

3. I've tried repairing the game files via Origin.

4. I've removed all my Mods.

5. I'm playing on a Windows PC, and do not have iCloud/Dropbox/anything like that interfering with my Documents folder.


After doing all of that, the Lot still did not show up. Is it something else or am I just not able to have custom lots in the game? It used to work, which led me to believe that it could have been a bad piece of CC, but I removed everything from my Mods folder and the issue wasn't fixed. Thanks in advance.

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Re: TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery

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A bit stupid question, but did you turn on the "Show modifications" and "Show script mods" in the game options after updating?

If so, does the game show them on the list after turn on?

Futhermore after deleting this probably broken CC you need delete localthumbcache.package file in game folder and fix the game in Origin,

I feel sorry for you but I think that this question should be addressed to TSR creators. EA does not support CC or mods and is not responsible for whether it works in the game or not. The TSR creators of houses and CC creators are responsible for this and they should add information to each object if CC from the link is still up to date.
Unfortunately, they are not very often worried about it. For them it's enough that they managed to get one more "download" from account.

I don't work for EA

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Re: TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery

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Hi Kreatora,

Yes, I have those options enabled. No, the game does not show them on the list despite that. I will go ahead and track down any bad CC just in case something slipped through the cracks, and I'll see about getting into contact with them. Thank you for responding.
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Re: TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery

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Actually. Kreatora does not know the TSR, she has never taken homes or CCs from there.
But I think that she should not be rude about the creators of the TSR. Standard smile



TSR belongs to the few websites of this type, which rigorously supervise the quality of work of its creators.

I am the creator of the TSR houses and I can say that all CC on TSR are up to date.
In addition, each house has its exact description, along with links leading to download CC.
Houses from TSR downloaded to the game (Tray folder - Library) will not show up when:
1. The game is not updated.
2. The game is not original.
3. There are some other outdated mods in the game.
4. The game is bugged.
5. Another cause associated with the computer, programs running in the background, etc ...


My advice:
1. Remove the Mods folder to your computer desktop
2. Start the game.
3. Go to the Library and delete all the houses, families, rooms ...
3. Exit the game.
4. To the newly created Mods folder, download CC (you have to unpack them) - which are at home on the TSR, and then in the TRAY folder unpack the house.
5. Enter the game and see if the house is in the Library.


I am not an employee of EA, I help as a player.








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Re: TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery

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Hi @Danuta720,

My game is up-to-date, it's a legitimate copy (if that's what you mean by original), there may be some out-dated mods floating around, I'm currently trying to fish out the bad content. I'm not sure what, if any, program would be influencing the game, but I can check. i usually only ever have just Firefox or Chrome open alongside the game, I'm not sure if that could be causing something.

I will try your suggestion and then comment on what happens, thank you.

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Re: TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery

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calm down ...he was not being rude

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Re: TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery

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Hi @Diamond_Jewel,


I'll close this thread here as it's a bit of an oldie that's been bumped and we ask folks to be mindful of necroposting in the forum rules. Thanks


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