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Re: Stoves and Rugs

by maiyeknight

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Stoves and Rugs

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In my current build, I’ve tried using both the Shag & Tell Runner Rug and the Gems Of The Season rug in my kitchen in front of the stove/sink/counter, and my Sims refuse to use the stove while the rug is there. Moving the rug farther away to try and make it work, doesn’t work in this layout. 

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Re: Stoves and Rugs

@maiyeknight Sounds like something worth reporting in the bug forum.

There's other objects that block the stove and if it's just those two rugs and not any other, then it def. sounds like something that the qa needs to look into

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Re: Stoves and Rugs

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@crinrict Thank you! I will check the other rugs and report what I find. ☺️
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