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Starlight accolades not working

by LAT1207

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Starlight accolades not working

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So I want to receive a starlight accolades for my sim who’s in the actress career. I’ve been nominated one before early on in my sims life but didn’t get an award. And now My sim is a global superstar at the top of the acting career and I haven’t been nominated since that first time. I’ve earned gold on almost every acting gig, I’ve also maxed out on the media production skill and have uploaded a lot videos but still no nomination? I’ve repaired the game through origin but no change. It could just be that I haven’t been nominated but my sim is almost an elder now and I’ve done as many gigs possible so seems strange that I haven’t been nominated and I’ve played this career before and it was a lot easier to get nominated. 

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Re: Starlight accolades not working


To rule out anything that may cause issues are you using any type of mods or custom content.
What platform / version are you using to play the game. PC/Mad or console? 

In my experience the starlight accolades are a bit fickle at times. The nominations are random and are not always awarded for the acting career. My non-famous Sims have been nominated the first time they have written a book or their first painting. The only time any of my actor Sims were nominated was prior to the stage in the aspiration where is was needed to advance to the next step. There does not seem to be a particular trigger to make it more likely to be nominated or to receive an award.
Best advice is to try traveling to the awards and hoping they get the award.

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