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Some Issues with time advancing in Sims

by elikal71

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Some Issues with time advancing in Sims

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Ok, by and large the game runs fine, but there are a few "issues", could even be bugs, I am not sure. I list them here, and would like to know Angel if others had exerienced these too, and (b) to report these issues so it can be worked on. Hopefully.

1) I can not set specific beds to specific sims. I had not played Sims 3 a long time, but I dimly remember this USED to be possible. Is it not available as "change" or was it forgotten, or is it a bug? When I build a large household, I build thematic bedrooms with hobby stuff in their rooms, but the Sims can't be connected to a specific bed, which is a bit annoying.

2) THIS really sucks: when one of my Sims leaves the house, the time of the "frozen household" continues. I profoundly dislike this, because it means the time for the other Sims is totally lost. In Sims 2, when you returned to a frozen household after being away, you returned to their time, so the rest of the family didn't lose any time. I very much preferred this. It was no issue in Sims 3, since it was open world and you could always control all Sims in a household, but since Sims 4 has load screen - travel again, I find it quite bad to lose the entire time of my household, because ONE sim is away doing stuff.

3) WORSE still, apparently if I play OTHER households, the time for the first households CONTINUES. As does the hunger and bladder fill. So example: I played house 1 and then played house 2, and when I returned to house 1, it wasn't where I stopped, it is the time where I just left house 2! So I lose the ENTIRE TIME of all the other household. I can prevent them from aging, which I selected, but for example I lose an entire weekend. If I play weekend with Family 2, I lose the weekend for ALL other housholds! I would very much prefer if that family is frozen in THEIR time, as it was the case in Sims 2.

3a) A byproduct of this, and this must be a bug, is the fact, if I return to a household I had not played a short time, ALL Sims in ALL other houses have full bladders and are hungry. A few Sims were also standing around naked for unknown reasons. Apparently the time is not frozen, even if I deactivate NPC aging and NPC doing stuff, something is totally broken here. How can they be max hungry AND max bladder? (And some naked!) That doesn't even make sense! Again, when I return to a household, I want them to be at the same state I left them.

4) When I create a new family, and move into a house, the time is when I left the previous household. So sometimes I moved into a house deep in the night, which is of course an absurd time to start. A new family should, like in previous Sim Games, always by default start at morning and weekend.

5) A minor thing but annoying: all Sims stay in their Payamas, when they leave the bed. All the day, unless I manually redress them. An advanced AI should be able to set Sims so they automatically dress up, at least the non-chaotic Sims.

6) Finally, when I return to another household, I find my Sims almost always passive, non controllable and I am looking at some random property. I assume the Sims visit it? First I thought the household was bugged, since I had no control over the Sims. But I could manually set up control and them suddenly zoomed back to their house.

Apparently there is a BIG issue with the time not being bound to households. So even if you want to stop one household and advance another one, the previous unplayed households all do SOME stuff. Not all, but some. And you lose their time, which is REALLY annoying, especially in a Sims which is no longer an open world, so you confined to ONE house and if a Sims goes out, all other Sims are blended out and lose their entire time. I find that highly aggravating.

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