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Sims4 Running super slow (tried everything I can think of!)

by marshmellow223

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Sims4 Running super slow (tried everything I can think of!)

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I am a huge fan of Sims 4 and have clocked over 800 hours of gameplay! The game played fine until a couple of months ago when it started to run incredibly slowly (animations take ages, everything looks like it is running in slow motion), making it basically unplayable.


I have tried all of the following, but nothing has fixed the problem.


1. Removed all CC.

2. Disabled all the packs I have.

3. Repaired the base game file.

4. Done a fresh install (i.e. uninstalled and reinstalled)

5. Installed latest updates.


None of these things have made any difference and I REALLY want to play the game and not waste all the time (not to mention all the money spent on packs) I have invested in it.


Can someone have a look at the dxDiag.txt file and see if they spot anything, please? Any suggestions?

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Re: Sims4 Running super slow (tried everything I can think of!)

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Update your graphics card driver


You do not have enough  free space on drive C. Uninstall unnecessary programs, photos and similar or move them to drive D


There is a Windows update failure.
Check if your Windows is up to date

A regularly-occurring Windows update error may indicate system errors

Check whether your system has any problems that may not have been shown in DxDiag

Try to disconnect your internet completely
Unknown program in the background that connects to the internet lowers FPS rate. It is so low, that to play is near impossible. It can be even Windows itself sending data to Microsoft
Disconnect your internet completely and try without this.

I don't work for EA

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Re: Sims4 Running super slow (tried everything I can think of!)

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Thanks very much for the speedy and detailed reply.


I have updated the driver and Windows and also checked Windows with the System File Checker. I got "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.", so all good there.


SIMS 4 still runs like a dog though (and not a dog with 4, or even 3 legs!). That is, until I unplugged the ethernet cable, at which point it ran fine. So it looks like you were right about a program in the background connecting to the internet and slowing it down massively! do I determine what is doing that and get rid of it?


Thanks again!

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Re: Sims4 Running super slow (tried everything I can think of!)

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The problem is that everyone is looking for a reason for this, including the EA Team. Unfortunately, this program has not been found yet. I personally suspect that guilty is Windows itself or a spyware program that has not been identified yet.
Why it gives this effect only for the sims4 game is another question. But after all, we can not be sure that it touches onlyThe Sims4 game. There are thousands of games in the world and maybe the same questions are asked in another forum about another game.
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