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Re: Sims3 cd instalattion on windows7

by roberta591

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Sims3 cd instalattion on windows7

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The sims 3 base game from cd do not want to install frther the fullbuild2 package please help

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Re: Sims3 cd instalattion on windows7

@VBonelover  It sounds like the disc might be damaged, and your computer is unable to read some of the data.  Have you tried cleaning the disc?  Sometimes even minor scratches can be repaired, but not always.


Your other option would be to install via Origin.  If you've registered your game either in Origin or the old Sims 3 site, it will already be in your Origin library, available to download for free.  Even if you never registered it, you can do so now, as long as the code hasn't been used by someone else.


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Re: Sims3 cd instalattion on windows7

@VBonelover   The Sims 3 disc had large files on it. Some optical drives did not properly control the flow of data correctly and there was buffer over run and the data became corrupted. In 2012 the DRM for this game changed from SecuROM to Origin as SecuROM was no longer supported by Windows and OSX. As Origin is the current DRM your best bet is to get the digital download version from Origin. You will need to create an Origin account if you don't have one already and redeem the game code in Origin.


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