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by miksterrr

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I can't get my sims to eat or do homework. Well just my teens, so far the dad doesn't seem to have any trouble eating. For food, they'll grab the food and sit down and then get up, grab the food, and sit down again. Over and over until the action cancels. As for homework, theygrab their homework from their inventory and then move towards the table, then the action just disappears. 


I thought it was my mods so I deleted them, but that didn't solve the problem. I also have 2 other families on this save, and I have no problems with them. Just this one. I just made this family so I'm not sure what's going on. 


Any tips or ideas to solve? This is my legacy save and I have a big story planned for all my sims so I really want to be able to play this family. So far I'm having to cheat just to keep the kiddos from starving to death. :/

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Re: Sims

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Have you tried resetting these kids?

You can try to move these teenagers to some starter for one day in the Family Management Panel to check if disconnection from the family will change it. After checking you can join them back to their family

Delete localthumbcache.package file in the game folder and fix the game in Origin.
Origin/Library - right click on TS4 - option "Repair game"
You have to wait until Origin will fix all packs, not only the base game.

If it will not help try doing a factory reset as described in this post:
However, I am afraid that if they have damaged files - none of the advice above will help.

I don't work for EA
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