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Sims wont work? Read here!

by AudiDeer

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Sims wont work? Read here!

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Do you have that black screen after clicking play and can't seem to get some DLC to work?



After spending an hour with EA I'm here to give you some information that helped me fix my game permanently. 


1. Go to your desktop and right click on Origin.

2. Go to Properties.

3. Click on "Compatibility"

4. Change the system you're running Origin on.

(Windows 10 users I recommend clicking 8)

5. Click the box at the bottom "Run on Admin"

6. Click ok and close.

7. Make sure Origin is closed everywhere.

-Click CNTRL+ALT+DEL. and open task manager.

- Click More Details

- End all origin related apps open.

8. Push the windows key + R and type "%ProgramData%"

9. Locate Origin inside there and delete the file.

10. Go back to your desktop, open origin. Go to Sims 3 and click repair. Let it repair all sims games it shows.

11. Disable any firewall/antivirus (This is temporary)

12. When repair is finished, open the sims launcher, chose desired DLC and click play.

If you're experiencing what I was, which was the black screen with it not responding in task manager, give it a few seconds and it should work.

Once the game is working and good to go, re-enable your firewall (recommended) and you're all set!

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Re: Sims wont work? Read here!

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I’m really late to this, but I’ve tried everything and I still can’t get it to work. It plays the main sequence when I launch the game and nothing happens
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Re: Sims wont work? Read here!

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Worked for me - wonderful thank you very much!!
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Re: Sims wont work? Read here!

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Im on steam so idk if this works but i have this problem. When I launch its only a forever black loading screen
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Re: Sims wont work? Read here!

@EmilieHak  Compatibility mode is completely unnecessary for TS3.  I have a Steam install in Windows 10, and I never had to run the game in any kind of compatibility mode.  And, of course, the Origin-related interventions don't matter unless Origin controls your install.


If you could run a dxdiag and attach it to a post here, I could look it over and see if anything jumps out.  There are so many potential reasons why TS3 wouldn't run, it's necessary to narrow down the list before offering any troubleshooting suggestions.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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