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Sims won't try for baby

by turtledream101

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Sims won't try for baby

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Hi um so, I just got the MC command mod and now that i have it my Sims wont try for baby when i tell them to. Like when i press on the bed and press try for baby they walk toward each other and then go to the bed together but then it just disappears from their queues. It's like they just decide that they don't want to try for baby anymore or something!? Please please please help me! 


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Re: Sims won't try for baby

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@turtledream101 Hello!  Sorry you're having trouble with MCCC.  It's a rather complex mod with lots of features.  For example, there is a default setting to only allow Adults to get pregnant.  By chance are your sims Young Adult or Elder?  If so, this may be the setting that is interrupting your attempts.  Click on any computer in your game and click "MC Command Center" -> "MC Pregnancy" -> "Pregnant Sim Selection" -> "Valid Pregnancy Ages" to check and change it.  You will probably need to change "MC Pregnancy" -> "Partner Sim Selection" -> "Valid Pregnancy Ages" which is also default to Adult.   Please come back and let us know of that was the issue or not.


Like I said ... complex. Standard smile  So I recommend quitting out of your game and creating a new "test" save in which you can go through all the MCCC features and test them.  There are other default settings that can change your game in ways you may not like and might not realize until it's too late.  When I first added MCCC, I didn't know about those default settings and it took me a while to go through them all.  I've not been able to find a detailed explanation for what all the settings are and what they do exactly.  I did find some other users have shared their settings online and you may find those useful as well.



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