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Sims won't listen to me!

by epaor

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Sims won't listen to me!

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Since June patch my sims just won't listen to me. Not every time, but they cancel whatever I command them to do. I have to tell them several times to do something Frown 

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Re: Sims won't listen to me!


@epaor Sorry for your frustration. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this so you can get on with normal gameplay! I would recommend beginning our troubleshooting with a game repair along with removing the cache (as follows) and see if this helps. The large, recent patch/update brought in many changes. These types of changes effect many aspects of the game.


Do you have Mods or CC? If you do please remove them in this process and try the troubleshooting as described below. (If you don't have Mods or CC, just skip the part about removing the Mods folder, but still delete the cache file mentioned.) If you ever had Mods or CC in the past then do the steps as if you have them currently (removing the Mods folder), as there could be damage that has remained after you removed them.

  • Exit your game then exit Origin. Copy the Mods folder from your 'The Sims 4' folder onto your desktop (for future reference) then delete the mods folder and the localthumbnailcache.package file in your 'The Sims 4' folder and restart the game and so that the game will re-create the folder.
  • Then run a game repair [ Open Origin, click 'Game Library' then right-click Sims 4 > Repair Game ]. Make sure to let it run until it has completed all repairs (it will do the basegame first, then run through each of your expansions/packs). After that, please see if the issue has stopped.

If It fixes the situation I would recommend that you check with the Mod and CC creators to see if there are any known issues with their Mod/CC clashing with the recent update and if so do they have an updated Mod/CC that will address the changes in the game's code from the update. You can then re-add your updated Mods/CC one at a time to see if one was conflicting with the function/causing the glitch - but do not re-add the old config file from the old mods folder, as it is possible for it to have become corrupted also.


Let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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Re: Sims won't listen to me!

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Go to the Documents/ Electronic Arts - inside this find The Sims 4 folder
Look for localthumbcache.package file and Events file - this one looks like a cogwheel. Delete both files. Don't worry the game will recreate it but with the correct version.
Next, go to the Origin/Library - right click on TS4 - option "repair game"

If you have any mods then the first step is moving mods folder to the desktop.

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