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Sims stuck on sidewalk

by trisaratopz

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Sims stuck on sidewalk

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I built a restaurant in Oasis Springs.  All of the Sims are spawned in the same area of the sidewalk and none of them can move.  Any attempted action with objects on the lot gets cancelled.  The only time my sim can walk is if I press the go home button.


I have  no cc, no mods.  I’ve tried rotating the lot, resetting sims, restarting the game, placing the building in a new lot, blanket deleting everything near the sidewalk, nothing fixes it. 

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Re: Sims stuck on sidewalk

@trisaratopz Does this happen again if you leave the lot and come back ? Does it only happen if the lot is a restaurant or also if it's say a park ?

Which lot did you build on ?

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