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Sims no growing

by Dianabargon

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Sims no growing

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I have 3 kids and I noticed that time it's not passing nor for me not my city. I have activated both of them I tried deactivating them and activating again but nothing. Does someone knows how can I fix it or something?

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Re: Sims no growing

@Dianabargon  What does it say when you hover over your sims' age bars?  Do you see a message that says "x days until aging up," or something else?  Can you manually age a sim with birthday cake?  You don't have to save afterwards; this is just for testing.


Sometimes options can get stuck and don't respond when you change them.  Try deleting options.ini inside your game folder (the full path is Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3) as well as the usual five cache files.  Options is what holds the aging settings, and the cache files can fill up with stale data.  For reference, those files are:

  • CASPartCache.package
  • compositorCache.package
  • scriptCache.package
  • simCompositorCache.package
  • socialCache.package

It may also help to turn aging off, quit, delete the cache files, load the save, turn again on again, quit, delete the cache files again, and reload.  This aging glitch is uncommon but not rare, and it can be pretty stubborn.  Let me know if you use mods as well.  Some can interfere with the default aging process, and they can also give you more options to fix aging and/or reset the town.


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Re: Sims no growing

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Yeah it says 'x days until aging up' though I didn't try the cake I though about it but if the neighborhood don't grow, it doesn't really help me, trying to get 30 grandkids xD

I'll try deleting what you said and no I don't use mods, cheats yes but no mods.


Update@puzzlezaddict It didn't work out, I tried deleting the options and cache and also turning of quiting deleting cache turning it on deleting... nothing, also the birthday cake works without problems is just that my neighborhood doesn't age either... idk I'll start a new one I guess, thanks for the help.


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Re: Sims no growing

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I am not sure this will work but you could try a couple of other resets as well:

"If you have any troubles with the age sliders, try moving the main one all the way to short, then all the way to epic and then settle it where you want it (thanks to Trif for that). If that doesn’t help, also try the individual ones."

Click aging off, exit options, play for a while, maybe exit the game, start it up and then click aging on again.

Uninstall Generations EP, play for a while and then install it again. Some furniture etc will be replaced but you can re-exchange them later. Save As with recognizable name before just in case.

I have never tried this one so do not know what it actually is for. Advise is to save your game before with Save As.

"Making a copying your town. Guess what? It worked! (At least for me.) When your game starts up and displays your saved family simply click on the blue icon by the town image. There's only two: the one that looks like two sheets of paper overlapping and the trash can icon.Obviously the trash can one will delete your town, so do NOT use that one! Click on the one with the two sheets of paper overlapping (if you move your mouse over it, it should say "copy" as it is the COPY icon.) After doing this you'll be prompted to give the town a name and then save it. (I personally saved the copy separately first to ensure everything worked out.)"

@Dianabargon Sorry for spamming your thread, first time posting and I think the links might have been a problem too, at first. See suggestions in my other post.


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