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Sims mouths not moving

by kelseybrunson

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Sims mouths not working

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Sims seem to have a problem where their mouths remain closed in live mode while conversing with each other, I use minimal mods like wonderful whims and assorted cc objects and CAS parts that are updated to the current patch level.

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Re: Sims mouths not working

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Have you figured out what caused this issue, yet? I am having the same problem.

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Sims mouths not moving

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My sims mouths do not move when talking. I have removed all mods and repaired my game and the issue still persists. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Re: Sims mouths not moving




They do move their mouths. You may not be zoomed in enough to notice (I'm usually not). Or your graphics are too weak to show it.

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