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Re: Sims inventory greyed out.

by Sashas0nic

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Sims inventory greyed out.

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Not entirely sure how all of this works but I've had an issue recently that I can't seem to find a solution for. 

Sorry if this issue has been covered before, but try as I might I couldn't find anything about it online.


My sim returned back to his apartment from an after-school activity and when I tried to open the inventory to select a photograph I'd taken, I found it to be inaccessible. It said that my sim was still at work/school and that was why I couldn't open the inventory but my sim is at home! I can move, select options and go about my sims day entirely fine but I can't use the inventory. 


I've tried the usual solutions such as reset and debug, save and quit, enter cas to see if that works, travelling in hopes that works too and lastly letting him go off to school and then sending him home early like some other threads suggested on similar issues. Nothing helped.


Has anyone else had this issue? Because I seriously can't see any solutions or enquiries about it online so I'm assuming not. 


Am I playing with mods? Yes. 

Am I playing with custom content? Yes, but only maxis match.

Am I playing with cheats? Yes.

Expansion packs: City living, outdoor retreat, get famous and seasons.

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Re: Sims inventory greyed out.

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Hi @Aubreychu  


There's this thread at Carls Sims 4 Guide, or perhaps it's an outdated mod or cc breaking your inventory, mods and cc require a lot of upkeep, to ensure you also have the latest cc/mod editions and so on. I made a post a while back for people new to the game (and/or using mods..) so please check my post here on maintaining/fixing your game.


SimsVIP also do a regular post for people who use mods & cc; on which ones are broken, now updated or reported compatible. Which is a must after updating your game or buying new packs.


If you're still stuck, (pardon the pun) Scumbumbo has made an inventory type mod (Crates), that is popular with some, called "Packing Crates for TS4 on ModTheSims.


Hope this helps



nb: If this solves your question, please mark the reply as having been the solution, so as to help others with a similar problem in the future. Standard smile
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