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Re: Sims fully rested but keep going to bed?

by puzzlezaddict

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Sims fully rested but keep going to bed?

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This has been an issue for quite some time now.And I never fully fixed it.

The issue is my sim is fully rested and keeps wanting to go to bed, I have to keep canceling the action.


And it's not just with one particular sim, it happens to all sims eventually.



Things I have tried:

Removing my mods folder

Removing mods I no longer need or use.

Clearing my folder's cache

Resetting the sim with MC

Resetting the sim with Cheats

Resetting the lot/bed

Move the sim out and back in

Tried in a new world.

Tried with a fresh Sims 3 folder with no mods.


Its not game breaking, but very annoying.


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Re: Sims fully rested but keep going to bed?

@springfairy556  Honestly, I'm not sure how unusual this is.  I almost never leave my sims alone long enough for them to choose what to do, but I have seen relatively well-rested sims try to go to bed at night when they should have been fine.  This is mostly true for sims with late work shifts—I'd shift their sleep schedules accordingly, but they didn't seem to get the memo.  Couch potato sims will also try to go back to bed sometimes.  But if it's all your sims want to do all the time, that does seem quite strange.


Do you have any special beds on the lots?  I wonder if cc beds, or even vanilla beds with extra features, are especially attractive to sims.  You could experiment a bit by placing some cheap uncomfortable beds around the house and moving the nice ones to inventory.  Also, I never formally assign beds to particular sims, even though they sleep in the same place every night, so I have no idea if that has any effect.


On a different note, is the game crashing on you?  The Windows errors in your dxdiag (right at the bottom) don't have dates on them, so I can't tell how recent the entries are.  But a couple of them mention MSVCR80.dll, which is a component of the 2005 vc++ runtime.  If the crashes are an issue, it might help to reinstall the runtime.  Click the Windows key in the lower left corner of your screen and select Settings > Apps, then scroll to where Microsoft 2005 Visual C++ Redistributable is located.  Uninstall the x86 version, and download a new one from Microsoft.


You don't need to reinstall the other two versions.  Sims 3 only uses the x86 version, and the _IA.exe is for servers anyway.  But if you haven't had any recent crashes, you can skip this step.  Just keep it in mind if you have other issues.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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