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Sims can’t go to work, skips time.

by ekasumo

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Sims can’t go to work, skips time.

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Sims4 certain careers don’t work: politics, style influencer, food/art reviewer. With these careers there is a problem with time. Everh time they need to go to work the work clock immediatly skips the work day and no button pops up to go to work. 


Also there is a problem with the following careers: doctor, scientist and detective. Sims do go to work but the option to travel with them doesn’t pop up. So you can’t get promoted unless I use cheats. These careers didn’t work since the beginning (I recently bought “get to work”). 


The rest of the careers are fine. No problems there. Also the Acting career works perfectly!


Last problem is with school. Kids and teens can’t go to school. The button “go to school” pops up thought, but when I click on the button it doesn’t react. It does work though when I go to another lot. Then the child/teen goes to school from there. It’s annoying though. For the careers it doesn’t work when I go to another lot with the sims. I tried it with several sims.


I tried repairing the game, deleted cache files. Doesn’t work. Starting a whole new save game does work btw. BUT I don’t want to lose my sim families because they go generations back. 


Does someone have a solution for the careers? Especially the time skip. So annoying! Please help! 

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Re: Sims can’t go to work, skips time.

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You can only try to repair this bugged safe. Change the name of the game folder, for example, to The Sims 4 old. The game will create a new clean folder after turning on. , Copy old folder "saves" and paste to this new folder, Do the same with the Tray folder. and possibly screens folder if you have any photos in it. Now check if your save has no errors. If nothing has changed, bring back the old name and delete the new game folder. .
There is another way. Save all your families and their homes to the library and start a new game with them. Unfortunately, the family tree, relationships and money of families will disappear. You can use only MCC mod to restore old status.
I don't work for EA

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Re: Sims can’t go to work, skips time.

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I tried but unfortunatly it didn’t work. I can maybe try to delete cc houses I got from the galery? Other than that I don’t have any cc from internet. Hmm maybe that’ll help..


In the end I’ll save some families and start a new game Standard smile 

Thanks for your help!



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