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Sims Taking ALL My Space

by jasmynmoussa

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Re: Sims Taking ALL My Space

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oh ok. i no longer use my surface pro for school, i use my mac so that is why i thought i could continue playing sims on this device.

do i meet all the requirements in order to play the sims because i have had it since around 2018-2019 and it was performing well at the start and then it kinda started going downhill over the last few months.

i kinda was planning to buy more expansions and such but i have a family computer where i also have the sims which is suitable for large games as my family friend made it to suit our needs, however it is not as accessible for me as my other family members use it a lot.

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Re: Sims Taking ALL My Space




Your Surface pro only accurately met the minimum requirements for the game so as you started to add expansions it started to struggle. It is unlikely to be able to run newer expansions DU and later. Check if your Mac can't handle it better. It does have a larger SSD and it is new so ask in the mac group. They will ask for specs so supply that when you ask. There is a pinned posting with specifics.

Please only PM me when asked to do so. Questions and answers belong here so everyone can benefit from them.

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Re: Sims Taking ALL My Space

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thanks heaps, i appreciate all your help!

have a good one.

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