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Re: Sims Freezing in restaurant

by DonroaAkashu

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Sims Freezing in restaurant

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No matter if I'm there as a manager or as a diner if i go to restaurants at some point every Sim just stops doing anything, they all sit there and stare straight ahead. If i use the cheat debug sim sometimes it fixes it sometimes it doesn't. its happened several times now and its very frustrating. One time one of the diners even started singing really creepily while sitting still. the Sims still turn there heads and make expressions but its like they are just frozen. Ill mention too time just keeps going and going while they are frozen. When the cheat debug doesn't work i have to switch to a different sim in my household on a different lot to fix it. Any help would be useful, next time it happens ill try and record it.

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Re: Sims Freezing in restaurant

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@xHOLLYxLOLLYx   I don't have the pack Dine Out; but sims not doing anything is a know issue caused by mods. Create a new folder by renaming your old The Sims 4 in Documents\Electronic Arts; and see if the issue appear in that one.

More info on how to reset the user folder here:

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