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Sims Cannot Leave Work Early When Family Is Not At Home

by SenseiAeris

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Sims Cannot Leave Work Early When Family Is Not At Home

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Product: The Sims 4


The Error: Whenever my Sims' household travels somewhere, say to a community lot or even their neighbor's house, any household members at work or school cannot leave early to join them. You click the Leave Early, and it does not shade, it just gets ignored and they continue whatever work condition they were doing (Work Normally, Hard etc). Repeated clicks of the "Leave Early" option lead to the "At Work" action disappearing from the queue but the Sim is still shaded and shown at work. There is no way to bring them anywhere until the scheduled work time is finished. When the rest of the household is at home, the function works as it should.


 Game Version: Newest as of August 2, 2020 (Not Legacy)


Device: PC/Microsoft


Owned Packs: All EPs, All GPs except Outdoor Adventure and Spa Day, A few Stuff Packs (Moschino, Tiny Living, Spooky, Vintage Glamour, Perfect Patio, Toddler)


Mods: I never had any CC, just MCCC which has been confirmed not to interact with this function. However I took it out and replicated the error. There is no error file.


How Often Does it Occur: 100%


How to Get It: Send a Sim to work, then take the rest of the household somewhere else. While the family is on another lot try to make the Sim at work Leave Early.


What Should Happen: Sims should be able to Leave Early from Work no matter where their family is.


Side note: I also have Me Too'd and have been experiencing multiple other bugs that are currently in threads, such as the Adults Playing Children's Violin, Sims Chat Interaction having "Go to Work" for Active Sim,  and Sims Unable to Carry Trash/Dirty Plates down Ladders. I'm not sure if all of the bugs are specific to the Nifty Knitting Update, but many definitely started after buying Eco Lifestyle.

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