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Re: Sims 4 won't open

by burin077

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Sims 4 won't open

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The other day I tried to open the Sims 4 through Origin and every time the app would act like it was opening, but then the app would stop responding. When I try to open it by clicking on the app, it says I can't open the application because it may be damaged or incomplete. I read several posts that said it was most likely because it either wasn't up to date, or something was wrong with my mods, but the game is up to date and I don't use mods. I've tried repairing the game, deleting it and reinstalling it, and something said to disable origin in-game but none of that worked. Also, I think I remember the night before I accidentally left the game on overnight and it didn't close correctly, so maybe that has something to do with it. 

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Re: Sims 4 won't open

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Good morning @dauntless464 ;


If the game's not opening, or if you're getting messages about the game being damaged/incomplete, it's possible that there could be an additional instance of The Sims 4 running in the background. Normally a reboot of the computer will clear a stuck instance of the game from the task manager.


If you're still running into the issue even after a reboot, do the following:

- Right-click an empty space on your Task Bar on the bottom of the screen, select Task Manager. (If the Task Manager shows up small, select "More Details" to expand it.)

- Select "Details."
- Look for a running Sims program in this list. (Example: TS4.exe) If you see it, right-click it and End Process.

- Attempt to run Sims 4 again, see if the game loads.


Let me know the results thereafter.


Kind Regards,


- B

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