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Sims 4 won't launch properly

by Bridget981

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Sims 4 won't launch properly

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A couple of day ago I minimized Sims 4 when I was playing (alt + Enter) and I saved a shut down the game in that mode. The following day I went to play Sims 4 but as soon as it launched it minimized straight away and I couldn't play. I've tried the Sims 3 cheat that is meant to work on Sims 4 too but it didn't work. If you know how to fix it I would really appreciate if you helped me fix it. Thanks.

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Re: Sims 4 won't launch properly

@Bridget981  Go into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4, and remove options.ini.  (You can trash it, but you might want to keep it just in case removing it doesn't help.)  When you launch the game, a new options file will spawn.  You'll need to redo all your in-game settings, but hopefully the screen won't be minimized anymore.


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