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Re: Sims 4 taking forever

by HazelJW23

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Sims 4 taking forever

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I got sims 4 yesterday and was really excited, got home, set up a origin account, and then it said "copying" so I left it to download, 5 hours later it was on 25 per cent, surely that's not right? Left it over night, and then this morning went down to check and origin had crashed! So having to start it all over again!! I don't want to wait two days to play a game, this is ridiculous!! Does anyone know any quicker way to set it up?
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Re: Sims 4 taking forever

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Is this is a disc or a digital version of the game? The disc version will have the "copying" feature, but the digital copy is a download only.

If it's a disc version, it sounds like Origin isn't communicating properly with it.. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Origin. The disc version should only take about 20 mintues to install.

If it's a digital version, try clearing your Origin cache:

1. Completely log out and close down Origin
2. Open Computer, and then the (C: ) drive
3. Open ProgramData (usually a hidden folder, but we've enabled the ability to see it)
4. Right-click and delete the Origin folder entirely
5. Empty your Recycle Bin

6. Log back into Origin.

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Re: Sims 4 taking forever

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   I've installed from disc and played the Sims4 for some 30 hours with no troubles.  Then one day I when I started the game the game hung up at the big green plumbob.  I tried various things to fix it:

1.  removed 4 mods and some downloads

2.  uninstalled game and reinstalled

3.  uninstalled Origin and start game from .exe file

4.  looked through the technical Forum threads about the problem

5.  went to Answer HQ and followed advice about uninstalling Origin (but now don't know how to reinstall it.)

6.  can't find the sims4.exe file


  So, the game still does not get past the plumbob and I don't know what else to do.  I'm not fond of the Origin program, by the way.

Melanie Ball (haversdance)

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Re: Sims 4 taking forever

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I've been trying to download it digitally since it was released, got help on Origin but still taking forever still haven't played it.

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