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Re: Sims 4 not for Mac...?

by WootCandy

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Sims 4 not for Mac...?

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I can't belive even after the PC launch day there is still no word on if they are even working on a version for Mac.. I guess all those excited people from their very own launch trailer will be missing out =/

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Re: Sims 4 not for Mac...?

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Macs can run windows just as well as a PC of the same spec.


Macs are generally "higher end" than the much cheaper laptop PCs... so if your Mac is only a few years old, it is likely to run this game good using BootCamped Windows  (which is identical to Windows on similiar hardware PC for game performance).



If/when this game comes out for Mac OSX.  I would still recommend to a friend to bootcamp because OSX (*nix) OpenGL games versus their DirectX (windows) counterpart.  That is honestly what I would recommend if a friend asked me he wanted to play almost any game on his Mac.


I heard good things about Steam's OpenGL porting ability.. but that isn't relevent here... and I lived through SimCity ... I really doubt I'm wrong.


Honest and truthful with you.  OpenGL and DirectX... Just seen it in SimCity.  Bootcamp kills the OSx version... but that isn't saying much :P :P :P sorry EA, plz make a better one.

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