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Sims 4 lagging and Flickering

by seolki90

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Sims 4 lagging and Flickering

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Hi all,


From Singapore. 


I just bought Sims 4 and downloaded. The game keep lagging and flickering. I have no saved games at all, because i just started it. It really get ignoring because i have to switch back and forth from the task manager and the game. It flicker every 5sec, white background. Anyone can help? I just bought a new laptop for this game and it doesnt work Frown 


My DxDiag as attached. 

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Re: Sims 4 lagging and Flickering

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You only have built-in graphics which barely meets minimum requirements.

Your Graphics driver is a year old. Try updating it see if that helps.

You can also lower graphic settings and choose "Laptop mode" in Game Settings.

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