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Sims 4 keeps crashing


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Sims 4 keeps crashing

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Sims 4 was working fine yesterday, now I try to start the game and it crashes while loading in a world. I tried clearing both Sims and Origin's cache. I know my computer is powerful enough to run the game. I took out my custom content, no changes. I tried changing my game file in documents to Sims 4_backup and then loading the game. The new file that was replaced would make the game crash immediately where my original file would crash while loading a world. I was able to navigate the main menu without any issues. When the game crashes it does not give any error messages, it goes straight to the desktop. If I keep my original Sims 4 document file in I can load the menu and select a house, then the crash happens. If I move the file to the desktop and let the game create a new file I am unable to get the game to load....  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Sims 4 keeps crashing

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I have the same issue since two days ago. Did you maybe also update Windows 10? Seems to be the cause of the problem for many people.

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Re: Sims 4 keeps crashing

@RINGISKONG  Can you try playing while your computer is completely offline, to see whether it helps?  Login to Origin, put it in offline mode, then turn off wifi and/or pull the ethernet cable.


If that doesn't help, please run a dxdiag and attach the results to a post here.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Sims 4 keeps crashing

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Re: Sims 4 keeps crashing

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No new windows update, I’ll try loading the game in offline mode. Graphics driver is up to date. Pc spcs


gtx 1070 fe

aorus z370 elite mobo

16 gigs trident ram

evga 800 watt gold psu 


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Re: Sims 4 keeps crashing

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@kreatora That worked, but is this something I will have to do more than once?
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Re: Sims 4 keeps crashing

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I think Microsoft is aware of this problem and will try to fix it fast.
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