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Sims 4 is saying that it can not be validated on my laptop

by floodstrande

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Sims 4 is saying that it can not be validated on my laptop

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Hi guys,

  I am really frustrated bc it feels like I have tried everything. But I haven't played Sims 4 in about a year, and I was trying to use it now bc I just bought the expansion pack to play with dogs and stuff. Well, I updated my game, and try to log in, and it without fail everytime tells me that an error has occurred. It then goes on to say that they are unable to connect to a server to activate my game (which already doesn't make sense, since this is the only computer that I have ever used to play sims) and to try again later. 


I have contacted support multiple times, as well as deleting and reinstalling the game, repairing the game, deleting origin, clearing the cache, reinstalling origin, trying to run as an administrator restarting my computer, and I am kind of at wit's end. I just want to play. So if anyone has any suggestions... that would be great

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Re: Sims 4 is saying that it can not be validated on my laptop

Could it be you have security software running that is blocking the connection?


do not work for EA




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