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Sims 4 files are corrupt and virus?

by llBriLeoll

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Sims 4 files are corrupt and virus?

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So my coumpter is having problem uploading to the lot I just goes back to the screen where it shows all the worlds last week it was just loading and wouldent go in to the lot I had made an. Entirely different world  and worked for a day and then stopped I think the new pack caused a virus in my game beacus when I uninstall the game and then restart the game when it was in about to download it slowed my computer down a lot and my thing with all of my files stopped working and I use mods I’m mad beacuse I updated all my mode deleted a lot of mods just to find out it wasent even the mods it was the game it’s self but no matter how many time I repair it and uninstall and install it it won’t work I don’t know what to do about it if they need to fix or not 

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Re: Sims 4 files are corrupt and virus?

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@llBriLeollYou may actually have a virus on your device also some mods may give off security warnings because some aren't trusted. Also devices that slow down may be because you're using a lot of space. Try updating your device, repairing the game, or send a DxDiag here.

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