Sims 4 crashes after a few minutes of gameplay

by Liz10101

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Sims 4 crashes after a few minutes of gameplay

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I have been having a problem for a while, its a constant issue that has made me unable to play the game. When I load up my Sims 4 game, it does just fine until I load into a household. Now, after about five minutes and my attempts to interact with another sim (and now even when I don't interact with other sims), my game will freeze up and then give me this error:


'The instruction at 0x0000000140146D12 referenced memory at 0x00007FF420999088. The memory could not be read.'


Then it would ask me to terminate the program and close out the game. I have tried so many things already to fix this issue. A lot of things people in the forums have suggested already.


I have tried:

  • updating my drivers and all to make sure they're working properly and are up to date
  • Clearing the cache and repairing the game
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the game
  • Removing mods
  • Memory scans
  • Increasing virtual memory
  • Windows updates
  • Making sure background programs are shut down
  • Cleaning my PC to make it run better (Doubtful that it would help much but it was worth a shot)
  • And I have talked to EA support twice and they didn't seem to help much either unfortunately

I tried my game as recently as Tuesday the 8th of September and i'm still having this problem. Whether it has to do with the update or just something I am not comprehending, I do not know, but i'd sure appreciate some help because I do miss playing my Sims 4 game, I can no longer play it anymore because of this issue.


Ive attached my DxDiag, most recent Last Crash info from my sims 4 folder, and my config.log in hopes it might get me some answered questions from someone either in the community or someone whos a sort of expert at this stuff who is helping others as well. 



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Download this attachment
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Re: Sims 4 crashes after a few minutes of gameplay

@Liz10101 The crash log suggests a certain adult mod is still active in your game.

Other than that your computer is a bit above minimum specs so depending on what you have added with packs and mods/cc, it could also be an out of memory crash.

Good Luck


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