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Sims 4 and Expansions Bought Previous Week Disappeared from Origin

by Rayzieee

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Sims 4 and Expansions Bought Previous Week Disappeared from Origin

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So I'm at a loss. A week ago, I noticed that the big sale was going on in the origin app and decided it was time to finally take the plunge and buy Sims 4. I also bought the Get Together Expansion, Strangerville and Toddler Stuff. All together I spent around 40+ dollars, but thought I got everything for a good price through the origin client.


All week I have been playing the game without problems, however I went to play Sims 4 today and got the message that the game needed to be activated on my account.


When I went back to the origin client itself I saw that Sims 4 and the expansion/other packs I purchased were now all missing from my games library. I have tried restarting the client, reinstalling and nothing has worked. The games are still missing and I began to think maybe I had somehow purchased them under another account, but that's impossible. I have checked all emails and have never made an account outside of the one I originally got to play Apex.


I opened a ticket, but the chat program is not working and I'm afraid since I bought it in client and don't have an activation code I'm just going to be out 40 dollars. I haven't even gotten a chance to play the sims for over a week and I would hate to have my time and money spent investing in it going to waste (especially as a poor college student).


Just curious if anyone else has ever had this problem and knows a way to get my games back. I just don't understand how all existence of my purchases can disappear on the origin client and yet the game itself is still downloaded on my computer (though I can't play it now without my "activation code" I was never give). I feel like the client is trying to make me think I'm crazy, when I know I definitely spent my money and have been streaming this game all week lol.



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Re: Sims 4 and Expansions Bought Previous Week Disappeared from Origin

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Hey there @Rayzieee ;


If you were playing the game and had activity on the account, it probably is something that Origin Support should be able to identify.


If you filed a ticket and reached out, hopefully they should be able to assist you; if you only had one account and used that to play, it should be a matter of checking activity that was made on the account.


I wish I could be more helpful, but from what you've mentioned already, you took the same path I would have taken.


Kind Regards,


- B

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