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Re: Sims 4 Will Not Open

by puzzlezaddict

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Sims 4 Will Not Open

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Sims 4 will not open, no matter what i do


Whenever i load the game up, it will just open the "minimize restore close" buttons and NOTHING else, pressing the close button does nothing at all - it wont close until i restart my Pc, pressing the minimize button just minimizes it, and pressing the restore button just opens a blank white screen (screenshots attached). I have no mods of any type. I have entirely uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice. Pc and game is fully updated. Before uninstalling it i clicked 'repair game' and that didn't do anything to change my problem. Its been happening for about a month, and its updated since it started happening and i hoped the update would fix my problem but it didn't so i'm very lost. I cant find anyone with the same issue either so i feel lost. Any help is appreciated! Standard smile

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Re: Sims 4 Will Not Open

@kaitlin03415  Please run a dxdiag and attach it to a post.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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