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Re: Sims 4: Where did my puppies go?

by jpkarlsen

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Sims 4: Where did my puppies go?

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I recently had two puppies that came from my former two dogs. I went to the hospital so my Sim could have her baby and I came back they were their, no problem. Until, I went upstairs to give my dog a bath because he was smelly I come back downstairs and their gone!! They aren’t even on the sim selection either? I go outside thinking they ran away and I see trash piles everywhere and hair piles everywhere as well.. Last I could think they died.. but how? So I checked my notification wall and it didn’t say anything about them dying. Last thing was said was that one became good friends with a sim of mine.. Any help on where they went. I refreshed my game and still no sign of them. Frown((
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Re: Sims 4: Where did my puppies go?

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I believe they can be taken away for neglect. Same a children can.
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Re: Sims 4: Where did my puppies go?

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Yeah, they can be taken for neglect... But if you gave your puppies both first and last names, you may be able to bring them back via cheat console commands, so long as the weren't culled when taken/disappeared.

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