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Re: Sims 4 No households will load.

by EuphorialQueen

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Sims 4 No households will load.

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Hello! I recently made a new Microsoft account. I moved everything from the old account to the new account. I have had the Sims 4 on PC since February 16, 2018. My new account won't load any households. I make the sims ,pick a house, and it loads for a bit and says it couldn't load. I read a lot of questions and answers and it all says remove mods and save. I have done all of this i have moved all mods out: still wont load, Move all saves: didn't work. Contacted advisory: helpful but didn't work. Update game: didn't work repair game: didn't work disable origin in game: didn't work. I really want to play the game.  could move back to my old account but i would rather not. Please someone help this there has had to be someone who has had this problem as well. Also when i hover over the household it has this blue glitching screen,

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Re: Sims 4 No households will load.

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Is this a newly created household or one you have been playing?

Since you can create a household I presume you are using the same Origin ID & password.


For testing purposes I suggest moving the entire The Sims folder to your desktop.

Start the game without mods or CC to see if the household can be loaded.


Here are some more tips for troubleshooting.


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