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Sims 4 Items Breaking Constantly!!

by kourkos

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Sims 4 Items Breaking Constantly!!

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Every day (in sim hours) at LEAST 5 things break. (radio, toilet, sinks, dishwasher, computer, ect.) I Disabled needs decay so a lot of these items aren't even being used but they still break. I purchased the highest quality items, the lot traits have nothing to do with it, so I have no idea what the reason for it is. Its getting irritating because theres puddles all over the bathrooms and my sims keep quitting their tasks out of stress because of filth to mop puddles. How can I fix this, or is it a bug? I have searched online but most of the forums complaining about this issue are from 2014. One said it has something to do with the harvest festival gnomes being p*ssed but its a year round problem. HELP

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Re: Sims 4 Items Breaking Constantly!!




What Lot traits do you have?

Do you have any Mods or CC? If so move your Mods folder to the Desktop and delete localthumbcache.package. Then test the game.

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