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Sims 4 Issues

by msbowen2011

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Sims 4 Issues

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First of all Sims 4 is way too pricy 70 dollars for a game that you require a expansion pack after expansion pack on. Its greedy! It really is. When I bout sims 3 I didn't wait all that long and If I recall correctly it was maybe 30 or 40 dollars not this! I can barely afford it and thats if I wait a month or two and save what little money I have for it. I"m not rich most americans and other people around the world can't afford this.


Secondly what on earth possesed you to change from one neighbor hood flow style to this version you basically had on sims2?! Why are you going back to what stunk? I hated that about sims 2! You were stuck in your own area and couldn't walk freely. Why change what you fixed? Why take away the ability to have patterns on clothing, funiture, fabrics, and so on? Why lose the quality of the counters and stoves everything in your game looks like plastic.


I realize that alot of people crack jokes about it being a 'digital' doll house but they don't literally mean it should look like one. 


I want to know also what is up with the lack of toddlers and pools? Why are you changing what worked so wel in Sim3. The interactions of the sims in sims 4 looks amazing. BUT it does not make the game enough for me to want to buy it. My nieces and I were going to afford it with their birthday money adn a little of my own to try and get it. But now that we've seen videos on youtube we don't even want to waste the money on sims 4. 


I am telling you this now if you want to change my mind you have to send it to me free. I'm not buying it. I will try it if you send it to me free or do the honest hting and drop the price! Make it so people can afford it. 40 dollars is the max any game should be. Especially with you needing expansion packs.


Sims 4 is a huge disappointment to me. I am a artist and I took 3d classes and I will put it to you this way. The stuff you made on this game looks like something I did at the begining. It just has no feel to it no warmth no amazing texture. Outside of the create a sim the sims lose that amazing feel to them too! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I am stunned there is anyone who even likes this game. I know you guys worked hard on it, but I really don't see that you worked wisely or artistically well on it. Maybe you were so worried about making it work on all Pc's that you took away the luster and beauty of sims 3! 


I don't mind that it freezes up from time to time, the truth is if it needs a moment to process that info I can live with it. What I can't stand and won't buy is the stuff you just put out. You guys bragged this game up and down all around. "Its going to be so amazing!" and all kinds of lies. You just blew up a really big ballon that I feel I have to deflate. I hate sims 4....


Thats saying something since I was for the new look of the sims in the sims creator when others were shying away. But after seeing the VERY limited options on clothing and hair I"m done. I wanted longer hair I watned hair you could een maybe adjust the length of with some controlers on it. I realize thats not super easy to accomplish but its not impossible.


I just don't know how much more I can just grrrr. Like I said prove me wrong, send me the game and I'll play it if I am wrong you'll hear about it all over youtube. If I am right, I wont' say a word. I'll leave the others to figure it out. They all have minds of their own anyways. But it doesn't hurt to make it available at a more reasonable rate. A game like sims 4...its just sad.


emial me


<Removed. Please don't post your email address in a public forum for your own safety>  since my old email no longer works.


If you watn to make something work out if not you have many questions still to answer. I want to know Why are there no Toddlers and pools and why the change in the neighbor hood load up screens. Those are the big ones.

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Re: Sims 4 Issues

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sorry to hear your disappointed but AnswerHQ is a user help users get back into their game plattform


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