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Sims 4 Household Disappearance

by Aiyven7

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Sims 4 Household Disappearance

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Dear EA,


Yesterday I started up my Sims 4 game and played it as usual. Since I have 4 played households I like to vary the ones I play. I was quite keen on playing one of my households in San Myshuno, but when I went to their apartment it was replaced by another random Sim. I checked the Sims' family's relationships, they were removed from there. I checked multiple genealogy lines of various family members, all show a blank profile (I have attached an image showing this, sorry for the bad quality). It doesn't show them at all on Manage Households as well.


I have 4000+ CC and mod files in my game, this is probably affecting the matter. I read somewhere that if you save your game you cannot retrieve the Sim/household, if this is true then it's a lost cause. I have saved my game multiple times after the incident.


I have checked my save folders and all of them are relatively new, dating after the disappearance. Something that might've triggered this disappearance is me changing the ageing settings to my game. The household had two elders and a teen in it, I changed my age settings to "long". Would this have a bad effect on the household?


I hope this can get resolved, thank you.

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