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Dot.: Sims 4 File reset itself PLEASE HELP

by kreatora

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Sims 4 File reset itself PLEASE HELP

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I had an amzinga Sims 4 file. I had beat Strangerville, I was top in the military, I had a family and a 2 dogs, it was great. I always saved and made sure to save before exiting. One day, me and my friend made a new game file. When I tried to get back to my old file, I clicked on it, loading the family, and BOOM! It reset itself. It was at the beginning, I had barely any money, most of the people I had were gone, I never beat Strangerville, everything was reset. I tried resetting Origin, going into the files to see what happened, but nothing worked. I know I couldn't have saved over the file, and I have no idea what happened. PLEASE HELP!! It was my best and favorite file! If anyone can help, PLEASE DO! If it helps, at the time I only had 3 packs, Strangerville, Get Famous, and Pets. I now have Seasons, if that helps any. I also deleted the save file me and my friend made before I went to the old one. Again, PLEASE HELP! IT WAS MY BEST FILE! If you need any more info, please ask and I'll give it. Thanks in advance.

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Dot.: Sims 4 File reset itself PLEASE HELP

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