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Sims 4 Crashing

by lewlew8703

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Sims 4 Crashing

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I'm not the best with technology, so I'm trying my best hereStandard smile

I've been playing the Sims 4 for a year now and have never really had many problems other than some occasional lagging. About a month ago, my game started crashing. Everything would be fine up until I enter the household I want to play in. Within about a minute of me entering the house, the game freezes for a second and then crashes. It always either completely shuts my computer off or returns to my desktop. I do use CC and some mods, but I've had the same ones for a while and they've never caused me problems. I even removed my mods folder to see if that was the issue, but my game still crashed, so I put my mods folder back in. I've tried everything I can find on the internet. I've repaired my game, reinstalled the game, messed with my Origin settings. Nothing. I've attached my DxDiag and my last crash file. I'm not exactly sure if I did it right. Like I said I'm not too tech savvy.

Someone help, please!


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Re: Sims 4 Crashing

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@lewlew8703 It's not letting me attach the crash fileFrown
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Re: Sims 4 Crashing

@lewlew8703  There are a few different issues in your dxdiag.  But the most pressing one is that you have almost no free storage at all.  300 MB (0.3 GB) isn't anywhere near enough for Windows alone to maneuver, much less Windows plus a game that creates temporary files.  Please try to clear at least 15 GB of storage, although your hard drive is quite small and that might be difficult.  But the crashing could easily be caused just by the low free storage, nothing else, and it has to be addressed first.


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