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Sims 3 not launch after Origin update

by jitkadvorackova

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Sims 3 not launch after Origin update

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Hi all, we played Sims 3 on the notebook without problems a week ago. Today Origin required an update and after the update Sims 3 cannot be launched. We tried to start it from Origin, via Sims Launcher or directly using TS3W.exe. Always is displayed nothing and no process is triggered. I tried to reinstall Origin and reset Sims to factory settings. Nothing helped. Once I uninstalled Origin and ran Sims Launcher, it started and told me that it cannot run without Origin. After new installation of Origin it reverted back to the issue. Any idea how to fix it? Thank you.

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Re: Sims 3 not launch after Origin update

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@jitkadvorackova  Try clearing Origin's cache and then uninstalling Origin "the hard way" and reinstalling.  This won't uninstall your games.


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