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Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

by LENOR2012

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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I have Supernatural, world adventures, late night, island paradise, and town life stuff. I have cc and a few mods, I know they weren't the problem.
I tried the top comment solution and it didn't work.
I have a one sim household and she wasn't able to throw parties or see all lot icons. I figured out how to fix it. Before you load your game, hold down ctrl, shift, c to bring up the cheats popup. Type in testingcheatsenabled true then load your game.
If you already did that and are in the middle of playing, save your game before doing this.
Have your sim at home and invite over a young adult or older sim, it can be anybody. Press shift and click on the invited sim and click 'add to active household.' They'll be used as your 'mule'. Transfer all your inventory to the mule sim then have your orginal sim call to move. When you're on that screen, have your orignal sim kicked out with your mule sim staying put. (When my sim left, she automatically moved into a different house, yours should do the same). When your sim is leaving, follow them on the screen to see where they go. When they get to their new house, have your mule sim ring their doorbell so they'll come outside. (Tip: to get there faster press shift and click the ground to transport) Press shift and click your sim to "add to household.' After I did that, my sim was able to see all lot icons and throw parties. The catch was, she's no longer able to use her mobil phone. It's not really a big deal because she still has a house phone. The phone thing might be just my problem, you'll just have to see. Also, my sim didn't lose any of her Vista points, lifetime rewards, wishes, or opportunities after doing this.
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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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This worked for me too, but of course it cancelled all the wishes I had for my Sim.  

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