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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

by MDianaSims

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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I had this problem starting today and found a solution that worked for me.  I have NRass Master Controller Mod installed (  ). I clicked on my sim and selected NRass>Master Controller>Housedhold>Reset Lot.  My sim's lot was then reset and the map icons reapeared. 


I don't know if this is going to be only a temporary fix but I figure if I have the problem again I can simply reset my lot again.  Sim's wishes, skills, and status were not effected incase this was a worry.  Hope this helps.

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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After restarting my Sims the map icon issue persisted. But I have Nraas installed as well and did the object reset did the trick. THANKS! (I almost gave up!)

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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I had this happen to me yesterday. I have a clean install - had to reinstall because I saved my game while my houseboat was away from its pier and it completely corrupted the game so Master Controller wouldn't work - and I HAVE to have MC in my game! I do have a few mods - Awesome, Nraas, Environment, Fixes... but very little CC... just a few items I'm checking in-game.


I'm playing in Sunset Valley in a lot I rebuilt many Sim Seasons ago with a family (me) that has gone through YA, A & now E.. The tags were working, then they weren't. I've got all EPs through IP installed and it is winter and snowing all the time, as it is prone to do, which is ridiculous EA. To check it, I started a new game in Isla Paradiso and the Map Tags are all there. I went back to Sunset Valley and they are still gone.


I'll try Nraas MC reset lot and hope it works. If not, I do have a prior save but it will mean several hours of game time, which is a lot when you're trying to cram all the skilling in for a Teen that's about to age up and go to University! I really try to save often and save under different names but, if I'm "busy", I sometimes forget... Frown


EDIT: I used MC to Reset Lot and everything is back to working as it should. Big thanks to the Sims Community for their hard, free work to fix what EA doesn't!

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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I just had this problem and I dont know if this solution would work for everyone, but if you go to select filter ( to the left of the image of your sims head) and change it to "all" then the map icons should appear once again. 

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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Thank you amberboyle for the solution! :catvery-happy:

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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To solve this problem (you know, after I gave up on reaching customer 'support'), I took the following steps:


Entered Edit town mode, and evicted my family, including the house, which I placed on an empty lot.

I then evicted them a second time (because I like the original spot), selling the second house and moving them back into the original house.


Problem solved, for now at least.

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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I was having the same issue while my Sim was in Al Simhara. From reading this thread I gathered that the lot my Sim lived on was bugged - that would be the base camp. So while I did a little town editing for a quest (the house I had to go to was unoccupied so I moved a Sim there), I also wrote some random text in the lot description for the base camp - that seems to have fixed the issue Standard smile

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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Go to edit town, and then return to game. That seemed to work for me. 

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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I have a  super easy and simple solution If anyone is still having this problem. Try duplicating the save file from the main menu of the game. There’s a little button that creates a duplicate save file of the save file selected. It fixed the problem by copying the save file without the problem that’s causing the map icons not to show I guess. I’m not sure if it will fix this problem for everyone but it did for me.

it doesn’t hurt to try this since it’s so easy and won’t ruin your game even worse.


I had this problem and tried duplicating the save file by going to main menu and clicking the file duplicate button. I then entered the duplicated save file went to zoom out and tada! Map icons are back. Now I just play the duplicate save file and delete the original.


Doing this made it so I didn’t have to move my sims, edit the town or start a new game which would have reset relationships, wishes, and make me have to replace or remake lots or re-edit the map to make to make it as close to how I had it.

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Re: Sims 3 map icons/tags not appearing

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Click on MAP VIEW.

Once your in map view to the left of the screen above live mode there is a button with three dots. Once you click on it you will have every option of what you want to pop up when your in map view. Choices are: All Home and work, Friends homes, community locations, opportunities and jobs etc. Hope this helps.

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