Sims 3 keeps crashing with mods folder

by Pantherss13

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Sims 3 keeps crashing with mods folder

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My game keep crashing ever since I switched to the EA App. Before it would work just fine on Origin with both mods and cc. I have tried using revo uninstaller to uninstall and reinstall everything and I cleaned up the registry files left behind. Then I tried launching the game after I reinstalled it without my mods folder and it worked just fine. Then I added the folder back and the game now crashes after the intro. I am really desperate and I am not sure what else to try. Idk if it is a specific mod causing this or if it has anything to do with my merged cc content? My game would work just fine before I had to switch to the EA app I am running out of ideas and could REALLY use some help! Any and all advice is appreciated

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Re: Sims 3 keeps crashing with mods folder

@Pantherss13  Please create or download a fresh copy of the Mods Framework and see whether the game works with just that.  The version available for download on Mod the Sims comes with two sample mods, or you can try one NRaas mod instead.


The point here is to see whether the game works with only one or two mods known to be fine.  If it does, then the problem is in your old Mods folder, and you can test that content in smaller batches.  If the game crashes with the new Framework, then the problem might be your antivirus, so please try disabling it (temporarily) and creating another new Mods Framework.  Let me know how it goes.


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