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Sims 3 expansions missing

by SnowyLuary26

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Re: Sims 3 Expansion Packs Disappeared

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@Shannon4J wrote:

I'm sorry this happened to you!!  You can also buy The Sims 3 through Steam. Watch for their HUGE sales and get the Expansion Packs for $4.99 each!   Some might be a couple $$ more.  If you buy through Steam, which is on EA's list of authorized sellers, you can register and install them in Steam, or in Origin, but not both.   That's what I ended up doing to get the packs back in my game that I bought on eBay.  Too many save files were not usable if I didn't buy them back. Frown  


Hope you get it sorted out! Standard smile

Actually I believe you can only register them on your EA account, but you can redeem your code both on steam and origin, but you can only play them either on steam or origin.

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Re: Sims 3 Expansions not showing up in sims launcher

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I don't know what EA end game is, 'cause I own both the Sims 3 and Sims 4. This evening I noticed all the vehicles and bikes are missing out my game and the base game is missing but it runs. I purchase the base game and another game from Best Buy, all the rest were purchased through Origin. I registered all games with EA. Now I don't even see the base game to purchase again.

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Re: Sims 3 Expansions not showing up in sims launcher

@monovia  There may be some error with your account, which only EA customer support would be able to fix.  But the first step is to clear Origin's cache and restart your computer.  If that doesn't help, try uninstalling Origin ("the hard way") and reinstalling; this wouldn't affect your installed games.


If neither of these steps help, you'll need to contact EA and ask someone to look into your account.  Best Buy is an authorized third-party seller, so there shouldn't be anything wrong with your codes.  But sometimes EA deactivates a code by mistake, and the only way to fix it is to get a CS rep to lift the block.  It would help if you could provide proof of purchase or ownership (receipts; photos of discs, cases, inserts with codes printed on them; etc.) during the chat.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Sims 3 Expansions not showing up in sims launcher

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The same thing happened to me.I had all expansions and stuff packs. I tried everything with them and have been trying to deal with this issue for two years, and the problem yeah I bought them from Ebay back in 2015 and then almost 3 years later they get disabled. I tried contacting my seller, nothing, EA told me my only solution is to rebuy from origin. Which is not an option. I tried calling them like everyone suggested but all I was offered was a 15% discount on my next purchase. EA is just greedy at this point. Look at all the overpriced dlc they are releasing for sims 4. Anyways I've tried everything still haven't got anywhere with them besides, "your codes weren't bought from an unauthorized seller" ect ect. At this point we should just go to the BBB maybe then they work with all of us that spent our money. 

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Re: Sims 3 Expansions not showing up in sims launcher

@Parakeet_Savior  The issue is that the deactivated codes were likely originally stolen or otherwise fraudulently obtained.  (There's a reason those codes are so cheap.)  EA only recently, as in a bit more than two years ago, started accounting for those codes, and cancelling them on users' accounts.  Even though the end users usually had no idea there was anything wrong with their purchases, the codes themselves were still not legitimate, and so EA is within its rights to deny use of the packs tied to those codes.


The message about unauthorized sellers is saying that the only way you know you've received a valid code is to go through either Origin or an authorized vendor of EA games (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.).  While an unauthorized seller might provide a legit code, there's no guarantee, and no protection if the code doesn't work, or if it's deactivated later.  As for the high pricing, it's been this way for a while.  If you don't like it, wait for a sale.  Origin discounts Sims 3 content a couple of times a year, and so does Steam.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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