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Sims 3 expansions missing

by SnowyLuary26

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Re: Missng sims 3 expansion pack in origin

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Hello @SBaker221,


sorry you two have a problem with that. Try clearing your origin cache as described here.


If you need further assistance, please feel free to ask inhere.





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Re: My Sims 3 Expansion Game is missing!

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I've already tried this and only gives me the "Get a Call" option but thanks anyway :D

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Re: My Sims 3 Expansion Game is missing!

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In order to chat to work, I had to use Internet Explorer as a browser. Could this be your problem as well? Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera doesn't let you use the chat. 

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sims 3 eps missing

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Well last night I ran into the weirdest error I've gotten with ts3 to date. Only four eps are loading in the launcher, origin says I don't have seasons, and my actual laptop has all eps on it. I've tried reinstalling origin and repairing the game. This problem just randomly started happening on it's own.

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Re: sims 3 eps missing

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I just wanted to chime in and say that I am having the EXACT same problem. I tried to get onto Sims 3 about two days ago, only to find that 1) only about 3 of my EPs would load (even though I have about 6) and 2) when I went into Origin to look at my EPs, under the Seasons pack, it said to purchase it, even though I have already purchased it AND when I went into my programs, it was listed for uninstall. I have tried clearing the cache, repairing Sims 3, uninstalling everything and reinstalling Origin.... At this point, I have no clue what to do! I also tried to contact EA support with little luck on my end.


I am frustrated because I shouldn't be having problems running expansion packs that I paid for. This is a very recent thing as well. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Re: Sims 3 Expansion Packs Disappeared?

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Whom did you buy them off as I have had the same problems with a seller called "CGSONLINE" he refunded me for one game and the rest issued new codes which all worked fine  but now all the stuff packs I have bought from eBay have also disappeared and the other games are  no longer working so, I requested a full refund.

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Re: sims 3 eps missing

@astro-noodles  Where did you buy your games? If you purchased the dvd version there was a paper with the game code. If you bought the game by digital download there should be an email confirmation and a digital paper trail (receipt). If the game was bought from a third party vendor you need to contact the vendor about this issue. You need to contact EA customer support to find out why the codes no longer work. For some reason the system has removed activation of that pack. What did EA support tell you?


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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Ambitions and World Adventure Not Showing up in Launcher

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Ambitions and World Adventure is not showing up in my sims 3 launcher. Origin states that both expansion packs are still installed. I have already tried repairing the game in re-installing origin. I had replaced the my old Sims 3 folder with a new one before the two expansions stopped working. I don't have a disk for either. I installed them through Origin. I am playing the game on a PC laptop, and it is only these two expansions. All the others one I have play just fine. 


Any help is welcome. 



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where are my expansion and stuff packs?

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when I played 2 days ago all my expansion packs and stuff packs were there, then yesterday three expansion packs disappeared Pets, Supernatural and Generations and now today 5 stuff packs have gone poof too, Movie, the 70s,80s and 90s, Diesel, Outdoor living, and Fastlane. wth?

My daughter's grandparents brought them for her as a gift, we both love playing but now they are just gone. they are still installed on my computer but not showing up in the origin app or the Sims 3 launcher. What is up with that and how do I fix it. I tried using the repair option but that didn't help, I tried inputting the codes again but it just said that the codes were already used.


I tried using the help chat but it wouldn't let me type anything. I could read what the assistant was typing but couldn't type back. I am getting very frustrated by this and my daughter, who is autistic, doesn't understand why she can't play her favorite game with all her favorite pets.

EA and Origin please fix this, I hate seeing my daughter so upset.

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Re: where are my expansion and stuff packs?

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When you are at the Sims3 Launcher, can you look under  "Expansions & Stuff" to see if your expansion and stuff packs are there? When was the last time that you played sims? They recently did an update on Origin that moved all of the expansion and stuff packs under the base game icon. They were separately seen in the game library, but now you only see the base game. Have you tried to Uninstall and install the games again? You said that you put in the codes and that they did not work because they were already used. You can use the same game code on the same and on a different computer. All of the saved games should be in the Electronic Arts folder in the computer. The saves should be under Documents< Electronic Arts< TheSims3< Saves. When the game is still in use the very end of the game title should be ".sims3", but is deleted or of the last save the end should be ".backup".  Save the Electronic Arts folder in a flash drive. Then uninstall all of the Sims games. The saves should still be in the Electronic Arts folder. When you reinstall all of the games with internet connection and by release data, they should work. Plug in your flash drive with the current saves on their and copy and paste them into your new Electronic Arts Folder. Go into the saves bin and copy/ paste the saves you want to play to your home screen. Then rename the last end of the ones in your folder to ".sims3". Do not rename the ones on your home screen. When you load the Sims3 game, make sure that your current saves work properly before deleting the folder on your home screen.

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