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Sims 3 expansions missing

by SnowyLuary26

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Sims 3 expansions missing

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My Sims 3 Pets Expansion is missing from the " extra content " menu, in fact it shows me the price of it like I never had it and was going to buy it for the first time... I have no idea why, I was playing this morning just fine...

They also don´t show up in the launcher...

I tried contacting EA Live Chat but the option was grayed out so im asking for help here.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I am so not paying for the Pets expansion again.

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Re: Sims 3 expansions missing

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EA Desktop Team

Hi everyone,


I have merged in this thread all the posts reporting missing expansion packs in the last few days. If you had a pack in Origin and suddenly it is showing as not owned anymore in the Extras tab or not showing in the launcher anymore, please keep reading:


What to do about missing The Sims 3 packs:


  1. If you are missing all the games, including the base game, make sure you are using the account in which your registered your games the first time. If you have more than one account, try with the others.

  2. If the pack you are missing is showing as installed in Origin but not in the Expansions & Stuff tab in the launcher, then please, follow these instructions:

    If after trying this you are still missing your packs in the launcher, go to 3.

  3. If you are sure you are in the right account and that only some packs are missing, then please, reach out to our Terms of Service team that will investigate why your expansions have gone missing: (check the section 'How to email us')

Once you have heard back from the TOS team, if you want to repurchase a pack, but you are having issues because Origin only gives you the option to download it, then please contact our advisors through EA Help. Explain them you cannot purchase the game because Origin is still showing it as owned.


If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to use the 'Answer' button Wink




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Re: Sims 3 expansions missing

@SnowyLuary26  This is an open public forum for users by users and specific account information can not be accessed in these forums. Did you try Orign - upper right click game and try the reload game library? If that doesn't work you will have to contact EA customer support to resolve this issue - EA customer support


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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SIms 3 pets extension doesn't appear in both origin and the laucher

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★ Novice

The question is in title. I already contact the client service of EA where the advisor told me the TOS,whatever this might be, removed my extension.

The extension doesn't appear in the laucher and origin, but it's still install on my computer and when i try to add it via "use a product code", it's say already use.

Then, the EA games client service sent me by email a link to this website and here i don't know what to do.


My real account is jarod344, but i can only use this one right now beacause the true one is underaged control, because when my father create it, i was only 10.

Can someone please help me? I'm completly lost.

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My Sims 3 Expansion Game is missing!

★★ Novice

I bought a couple days ago The Sims 3:Seasons expansion pack.I installed it and everything was good when suddenly I couldn't find it and when I searched it on my Origin games list,It appeared like I never bought and I can't reuse my serial code.I can't even contact someone on Contact EA because it only gives me the phone call option and that's not viable because I'n not from USA or Canada and I don't know what to do

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Re: My Sims 3 Expansion Game is missing!

Hi @Peblou,


You can contact an EA Advisor via chat here Standard smile

CCP Hero Banner - Red.png

No trabajo para EA, solo soy un jugador tratando de ayudar a otros jugadores. No respondo mensajes privados, Permite que otros puedan beneficiarse de la información.

I don't work for EA, I'm just a player like you, trying to help other players. I do not reply private messages.

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Sims 3 Expansions not showing up in sims launcher

★★★ Novice

does anyone now how to fix this problem 5 of my expansions will not show up in the game launcher therefore the game can no longer be played. have already tried repairing my game, reinstalling my game, reinstalling origin and its still doing the same anyone know how to fix this? 

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Re: Sims 3 expansions missing

★★★★★ Newbie

I contacted EA support on the chat and he said this: 
"Upon checking friend the game is currently being reviewed by the TOS department. I'll be filing a dispute on your behalf to start the process in getting your game back.". 

So I'm waiting. Hope it will end good for me. 

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Sims 3 Expansion Packs Disappeared?

★★★ Newbie


I purchased The Sims 3 base game, pets, seasons and generations Origin Codes from ebay a few weeks ago. I checked the feedback from other people before I purchased them. I got all the codes and all was well, codes worked fine. I went to go on it two days ago and pets and generations expansion packs have just disappeared like ive never owned them? I have gone onto the origin store and I says I need to buy them again even though I already have but just not directly from origin. Any help and advice would be appreciated Standard smile 

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Sims 3 Expansion Packs Disappeared

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hi my generations expansion pack has disappeared from my sims 3 launcher. it says i have no expansion packs. ive been on it for a month or two

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Missng sims 3 expansion pack in origin

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My daughters sims 3 generations expansion pack on origin has gone missing.  It's on her hard drive. I've spoken to an advisor they were of no use whatsoever.  We right click on sims 3 select game details look under extra content no luck.  We have launched Sims 3 offline & online no luck on there.  We have looked under the filters.  All her other ones are there just not this one.  This is my last resort my daughter is very upset!   

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