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Re: Sims 3 expansions missing

by EA_Mai

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Re: Sims 3 expansions missing

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EA Desktop Team

Hi everyone,


I have merged in this thread all the posts reporting missing expansion packs in the last few days. If you had a pack in Origin and suddenly it is showing as not owned anymore in the Extras tab or not showing in the launcher anymore, please keep reading:


What to do about missing The Sims 3 packs:


  1. If you are missing all the games, including the base game, make sure you are using the account in which your registered your games the first time. If you have more than one account, try with the others.

  2. If the pack you are missing is showing as installed in Origin but not in the Expansions & Stuff tab in the launcher, then please, follow these instructions:

    If after trying this you are still missing your packs in the launcher, go to 3.

  3. If you are sure you are in the right account and that only some packs are missing, then please, reach out to our Terms of Service team that will investigate why your expansions have gone missing: (check the section 'How to email us')

Once you have heard back from the TOS team, if you want to repurchase a pack, but you are having issues because Origin only gives you the option to download it, then please contact our advisors through EA Help. Explain them you cannot purchase the game because Origin is still showing it as owned.


If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to use the 'Answer' button Wink




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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

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I am hoping EA will go after the person(s) responsible for distributing the unauthorized codes and do something for all the simmers that purchased the codes in good faith.
Hopefully they will be coming up with a answer for everyone soon and send out a message to everyone that was affected by this.
I also seen a post by Linamints  just before my last one with a good link for what to do. So I suggest using the phone call option for EA customer support/help. (do it during the times they are there).  Maybe you will get a good result trying it that way.
Update to this post:  The community manager just posted some really good info and links - take a look at that also :eahigh_file:
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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

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I see that, however that link is to accounts that are banned.  My account isn't banned? So I'm confused where to go to now...

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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

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No it is not just for banned accounts, it is for the accounts that have expansion packs showing installed in their Origin account, but are not showing up on the sims 3 game launcher to play. So I really do suggest you try the community manager suggestion and/or the Phone Call Option for EA support, unless you have already tried that. Depending on your situation you might be very happy with the results.

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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

EA Desktop Team



Please, take a look to the section 'How to email us', even if the article is about banned accounts. Added that to my post for clarification, thanks!



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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

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Ok, thank you for clarification! 

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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

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Thank you @EA_Mai for merging this so all the reports are in one place.

I think your info post will also help those that are having other issues with their game.


I must say sadly, that most of the post doesn't apply to my case.  I have been trying to work this out with customer service since the 18th (the day I noticed the issue with my seasons expansion pack), Slowly over the next week my expansions and stuff packs stopped showing up in the launcher until I only had my  last 3. I contacted EA support and they told me all of the expansions not showing in my launcher were deactivated in my account, so even though I can download and install the expansions I cannot play them because my access has been revoked.


I was forwarded to the TOS team, and so far I have only received automated e-mails. I compiled my complete case for both my missing expansion and my blocked expansion on the 25th (including as much proof of purchase as possible as well as proof I could not have initiated a charge back as I was several months outside of the time limit to do so). I am still waiting to hear the results of this since it's a holiday weekend.


The most recent e-mail I received (on the 26th, but I think it may have been a reply to an open ticket) told me to talk to my retailer about this issue, but as most of my expansions are several months to just over a year old I am not eligible for a refund.

Many people are in the same position with purchases that are months or even years old. 


The working theory in the community is that one of the key vendors issued a charge back and EA invalidated the codes, but today I have seen an influx of Amazon customers saying they also had their codes revoked, as well as a mention on another forum that two customers claiming to have bought through origin having their codes revoked. 



If it would help I could PM you a list of threads from other forums currently discussing this issue (I'm not sure on the policy with posting offsite links here).


Thank you for your replies here, it is very nice to see an EA adviser Standard smile.


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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

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Following up here, and adding to what @Linamints posted....


I received a similar response from EA this morning, indicating the following:


EA's Terms of Service team are looking into this issue and will respond once the matter has been fully investigated according to our internal policies.

In order to thoroughly examine the matter there may be a delay in responding, however we will endeavour to provide you with a resolution in a timely manner.

Please note we are currently experiencing high volumes and this may result in a minimum delay of 72 hours. Please do not submit further appeals as this may reset your place in the queue. We appreciate your patience in this matter.


When someone issues a charge back, I never made my clients pay for their issues, I legally pursued the one who issued the charge back.  I'm not angry about this whole mess.  As a Customer, I'm hurt by the actions of EA, and any corporate owner can tell you that when you damage customer trust and loyalty, it's pretty hard to come back from that, if ever.


I'm really, really hoping for the best here, because at this point, EA is going to have to do some serious damage control.  I don't feel that instantly locking out players that have made these purchases YEARS ago was the way to go here.  If there was an issue, it should have been investigated back then, not years down the road when ultimately the customer is the one left to suffer a (distributor) problem, and is left with zero recourse to recover that loss.

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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

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So I've received this email from the EA ToS team:


Thank you for contacting us regarding your inability to access The Sims 3.
After reviewing your case, we found that your game was disabled due to a chargeback against your account.
Chargebacks may occur if a game code has been purchased from an unauthorized source and/or if you have initiated a chargeback.
You will need to repurchase the game in order to play it. Make sure you purchase from an authorized and trustworthy retailer or recognized digital distribution service such as Origin.
If you experience any problems after purchasing the game, you can contact us at [edit: email address removed]. Make sure to attach your proof of purchase and the relevant game code.
EA takes chargebacks seriously and future chargebacks will ultimately result in permanent account closure.


I purchased the code in good faith and don't appreciate the way that I am being treated by EA, yes it wasn't an authorised seller but you've got to be joking if you think I'm going to spend £29 on an expansion for an 8 year old game! There's a good reason EA has such a poor reputation these days.

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Re: The Sims 3 Expansions and stuff packs disappeared from launcher

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I also have the sane problem with my Supernatural expansion, but as I have already said to another thread I BOUGHT THE KEY FROM AN ACTUAL STORE , NO E-BAY OR AMAZON.

This is EA's problem after the latest update and they are being totally irresponsible by putting the blame on  us and making us do their job and contacting sellers and all this!!!!

It is not our fault and I refuse to buy a game I already have just because EA can't aknowledge the fact that they made a mistake with their latest update



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