Sims 3 expansion pack not downloading from EA app

by the_ultimate_jed

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Sims 3 expansion pack not downloading from EA app

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I recently purchased a Sims 3 expansion pack (ambitions) through the EA app. I received a receipt and the app says I own the expansion, but it won't let me download it. When I bring up my add-ons it shows all my other packs as installed, but my new on just says in-game content. I don't even have the option anywhere to download the pack either. Please help. 


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Re: Sims 3 expansion pack not downloading from EA app

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Update 2:  For anyone currently seeing this issue—some packs installing but others not—please create an EA App error report, as described here:


and post the report ID in this thread along with a list of packs that won't download properly.


If you can't install any packs, please use this thread, and post an error report ID there instead:



Update:  Origin can no longer be installed in Windows, so the original workaround (now under a spoiler) no longer applies.  That means there is no viable workaround for this issue.


This has been reported to EA, and hopefully it'll be fixed soon, but I don't know when.  I will keep updating this thread with more information.


A few players have reported that different packs get stuck reinstalling each time.  If that applies to you, it's worth saving the game's current program files under a different name and reinstalling—this should hopefully give you at least one copy of each pack you own.  First, open the EA App, select Sims 3, then Manage > View properties, and you'll see the install location.  This is for Sims 4, but you get the idea:




Close the EA App and kill the EABackgroundService in the Task Manager.  Open that file path and rename the Sims 3 folder.  Then restart your computer, open the App, and download Sims 3 again.  If everything installs correctly, you can delete the old Sims 3 folder you renamed.  You'll need to shut down the App and the background service again.


If one or more packs don't install correctly, close the App and kill the background service, then copy the folders for those packs from the old Sims 3 folder you renamed to the new one.  (Pack folders are labeled by pack type and release order, e.g. Seasons was the eighth expansion, so its folder is EP08.)  Open the App and try again to download those packs.  The App should verify their presence and finalize the install rather than redownloading the content.  When you're done, you can delete the old Sims 3 folder.




@the_ultimate_jed  Please clear the EA App's cache:


and restart your computer.


If this doesn't help, you're seeing the same EA App issue that a lot of other Sims 3 players have: one or two packs don't download properly while the others do.  There's probably nothing you can do about it from the user side, although a few players seem to be able to install Origin and get it to download the missing pack(s).  Origin isn't actually usable—it just gives you a prompt to update to the EA App—but a missing pack might download in the background while you're staring at that prompt.


If you do try this, make sure to leave automatic game updates enabled in Origin.


Other than that, all you can do is wait for EA to fix the issue.  It's been reported, so that should happen eventually, but I don't know when that will be.



I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.

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Sims 3 - Issue Downloading Expansion Packs

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I have been playing Sims 4 for years now, but wanted to get back into Sims 3 over the weekend since I have a more powerful PC now. I'm running into a bit of a problem, however, when I try to download my expansion packs on Origin. I'm having a particular issue with University and Pets where, when I try to download the packs, the loading bar only says pending. I am able to download my other expansion packs successfully (they're not running successfully right now, but that's a separate issue), but these two don't ever move beyond the pending stage. Please let me know if you have any ideas for me to try!

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Re: Sims 3 - Issue Downloading Expansion Packs

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@Apipus   EA wants pc users to use the EA app.  It seems that Origin and the EA app are not compatible. Switching back and forth seesm to cause problems. Did you close the game all the way and then restart the game that should clear the pending and start the download again.

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Sims 3 DLC stuck on preparing

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After getting everything moved over with The Sims 3 from Origin to the EA app, I ran into a new snag.

I recently bought a new stuff pack (high-end loft) since I love playing The Sims 3, it is showing up, but, I cannot install or use it?


What can be done to fix this? I never had this issue with Origin.


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Re: Troubles adding new stuff packs The Sims 3

@sim3fan13132  Some players have reported that reinstalling and opening Origin allows the pack to download in the background, even though Origin will have a pop-up prompting you to switch to the EA App that you can't close.  So it's worth trying that; you can uninstall Origin again afterwards.  I don't know of any other fix or workaround.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Troubles adding new stuff packs The Sims 3

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Im afraid that is no longer possible.
Origin will not install anymore with EA App. And uninstalling it would likely cause more trouble.


They really need to fix their app

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(Found a Solution) Stuff Packs for the Sims 3

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So, it turns out, buying from the EA app does not seem to work when it comes to buying the sims 3 Stuff Packs (cause I love the sims 3)


I refunded the ones that did not download (the ones I bought on the EA app) and instead, bought from the main website itself, which seems to be what works for me.

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The Sims 3 Stuff Packs not avaliable to Download

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Even when I pay good money to get it.

I thought I had it figured out by buying on the website itself, but NOOOOOO, I get a refund and rebuy High-End loft stuff, still will not let me download what I bought with my money. So now here I am, with another refund.


EA, fix your app!

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Re: Troubles adding new stuff packs The Sims 3

@sim3fan13132  This was working as of yesterday.  Origin doesn't let you do anything with it, but the point is not to use it, it's to install Origin and let Origin auto-download your packs in the background while it's telling you to install the EA App.  You don't need to uninstall the EA App either.


I've also merged your other posts into this thread since they're both about the same original issue.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: (Found a Solution) Stuff Packs for the Sims 3

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From the EA Website? I attempted this and I am not having any luck. It directs me to the app which shows it as purchased with no option to download.

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